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i'm greg .
i'm 20 and i'm also gay you could probably are tell that.
i like everything men shouldn't.
i enjoy fashion and the occasional comic or two.
TW: This blog contains some homestuck.
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So I got bored. Yup.
This happened.

Contact Lens Cases

I’m selling these. I only have 5
Double strawberry and one of the rest.
$3 each $1 shipping.
if you buy more than one the shipping prices goes down meow.

Message me if you want one, which one and I’ll give you my paypal address and then everything will move forward from there.

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    I don’t have contacts but these are cool
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    Oh my god these are so CUTE.
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    …. That blue one…. I want it * A*
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    Waaah if only I wore contacts ;v; Passing this along for my followers to see~ they’re really cute!
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