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i'm greg .
i'm 20 and i'm also gay you could probably are tell that.
i like everything men shouldn't.
i enjoy fashion and the occasional comic or two.
TW: This blog contains some homestuck.
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So I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway for a while now. This was meant to be a thank you for 100+ followers but I went to a gathering and my follower count skyrocketed… Anyway! Without further ado, the giveaway!!

What you’ll be getting:

ONE Purple Faygo plushie, about 16 INCHES TALL. It will look basically exactly like the one in the picture, but the letters will be bigger and it will look (hopefully) less derpy, hehe.


1. Like ONCE, reblog ONLY TWICE. More than that will get you DISQUALIFIED, and nobody wants that!!

2. You DO NOT have to be following me, though I may be doing another giveaway soon and if you are I might throw in a little something extra

3. US ONLY. Sorry, but I don’t have the money to ship to other countries.

4. Your askbox MUST be open in order to win. I will be making a post about the winners as well, but I need to contact you through your askbox too.

5. There will be ONE winner.

Winner will be picked via random number generator. The giveaway ends on Saturday, February 25th at 8 P.M. PST (Pacific Standard Time). That should be enough time for you all to enter. :D

Good luck to everyone!!! :DDD

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    I probably won’t win this, but look at it. It’s a Faygo plush.
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